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Get your product or service recognized fast!

QRZ11.COM has been online since January 2007.

Advertising with QRZ11.COM means that your products will be seen by thousands of radio operators, computer literate, techno-savvy customers from around the world. Your radio products will get some of the best online exposure available.

Rotating banner (468x60) ad campaigns start at only € 9.99 per month

Designed with the small business in mind, our entry level ad campaign will put your banner ad in a rotation slot that appears in our premium top-of-page location. You can even change your banner in the middle of your campaign at no extra charge.

The actual number of exposures your ad receives depends on the overall site traffic.

Premium banner ad campaigns start at only € 19,99 per month

Premium Spaces
If you need the maximum exposure, consider a left or right-column block style banner in the 115x90 format. This ad type doesn't rotate and is seen by each database lookup! Prices vary depending on the length of your campaign and start at € 19,99 per month.
Please contact QRZ for specific pricing info and volume discounts.

Banner Format
Banner images are shown in the industry standard 468x60 format and must be GIF images.
We also offer premium 115x90 format column ads that are non-rotating for maximum exposure.

Payment Info
We gladly accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal for ad payment. All advertising must be paid in advance. Volume discounts are available for all ad types.

Contact Info
If you are interested in becoming a QRZ advertiser, please contact the QRZ11 Team at: support@qrz11.com, and let us know how we can help you with your advertising campaign.