How to contact QRZ11.COM

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QRZ11.COM operates on automatic pilot most of the time. We don't publish a phone number because all of us work daytime jobs. We can be contacted by email, or FAX, 24 hours a day.

EMAIL is always the best way to contact QRZ11.COM. Please note that we have aggressive anti-SPAM filters installed and there is a chance that your message to us could be mistakenly rejected. To prevent such email rejection, make sure that every message you send to us contains the magic word: call sign. When our filters see this word, they treat the message as legitimate. The call sign keyword may appear anywhere in the message or on the subject line.
A typical email to QRZ11.COM should look like this:

Subject: call sign xxxxxx (<- your call sign here)
Please be as descriptive as possible when telling us about your problem. Always mention your call sign in the in the message, especially if you're having a problem.

Our FAX number is: 00264 61 222 409
Don't forget to mention your CALL SIGN

Postal Mail
Our postal mailing address is:

P.O. Box 6436

Please don't write us a letter when you could just as easily send us an email.
We don't write or return postal mail at all so if you want to hear back from us then please remember to include your CALL SIGN and an EMAIL ADDRESS in your message.

Thanks for visiting QRZ11.COM, and thanks for understanding that we're not a full service operation. With your kind cooperation we anticipate many more years of smooth and uninterrupted service to the 11 meter radio community.