Aldo Russi (1AT001)

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Aldo Russi (1AT001)

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The QRZ11 Hall of Fame membership is only accorded those DXers who have made major contributions to the 11m hobby. Such contributions involve considerable personal sacrifice and can usually be described by the phrase "above and beyond."

Aldo Russi (1AT001) 1944 - 2021
was one of the great 11m pioneers.

By 21AT114: *RIP* ✝️ ( in CB heaven) Aldo 001 the AT Father, you gave the world 27.555 and miljons of CB people DX interests as ended up in total life hobbies for many and new friends all over the planet.

By 74QRZ011:     Aldo also introduced the 11m Prefix system.
1 - Italy,
2 - USA,
3 - Brazil, ....

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