Hello and welcome to QRZ11.COM

We warmly welcome you to our site.

This page is currently changing. Due to the fact that the site has remained in the same code structure for years, it became necessary to lend a hand here.


Second important information

This server move was based on the database as of December 10th, 2022. Unfortunately, the registrations made on the old server between December 10th, 2022 and January 13th, 2023 are not available in this database. We apologize to these users and that they register again. Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, we were recently unable to take the old database with us. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.


Sometimes the following things were done:

     1. Thanks to code cutters and other tools, the first errors could be eliminated.

     2. Changed database access from mysql to mysqli

     3. Insertion of a template system that allows html and php code to be separated into separate files.

     4. Started writing the code neatly. (code readability)

Important information

Since the website will be worked on from time to time in the foreseeable future, failures cannot of course be completely ruled out. Of course, we try to keep these as small as possible. However, if you expect an error to occur again, do not hesitate to contact us.

Just go to our Forum or contact us by email.